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Founder of POINTers in Person - Chapter 1 Chicago



February 26, 2004 - Arrivaderci to Chicagoland's
Father of Italian Genealogy

Cavaliere Anthony Lascio, the founder of Chicagoland's first Italian Genealogy Interest group passed away on Wednesday, February 25, 2004 after an eighteen month battle with cancer and kidney failure.

Tony achieved great things in his lifetime, and touched the hearts of many by sparking the flames of interest in their Italian family's history and culture. It is with great awe and admiration that those who have continued what he started will strive to perpetuate his good works and objectives. Individuals who are interested in pursuing their Italian roots can visit the website for the club that he founded at

The following biography was written by Cavaliere Anthony Lascio himself a few years ago and has been edited to reflect the proper tense.

"Tony was a native of Chicago's West side, born and raised at Grand and Crawford, now Pulaski, in a mostly Italian neighborhood. His grandparents were from Southern Italy in the Basilicata region, the province of Potenza. They emigrated to Chicago in the early 1900's to the Santa Maria Addolorata Parish before moving further West."

"Tony attended Northwestern University majoring in Personnel Administration, married his wife Adrienne in 1966 and became the proud father of three children and a grandfather. For over twenty five years, he worked in several Midwestern industries as a Human Resources/Industrial Relations/Personnel Management professional. For ten years he operated his own management recruiting business in Downers Grove until he retired. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus - Fourth Degree and an active member of Our Lady of Peace Parish in Darien. "

"His interest in genealogy began over twenty five years ago. During that time, Tony researched his own Italian roots and crossed seven generations to his fifth great grandfather, Giuseppe Lascia, born in 1708. Included in his quest to discover his heritage was a trip to Italy in 1991 where he visited the town of his ancestor's birth, Vaglio Basilicata, ten miles east of the city of Potenza, and discovered second cousins, their families and the correct spelling of his surname (Lascia, not Lascio.) Another journey was made there in 1996."

"Tony was a member of the Italian Genealogy organization known as P.O.I.N.T. - Pursuing Our Italian Names Together and founded America's first Italian genealogy interest group: P.I.P. Chapter 1 - Pointers in Person, which still meets quarterly in Dupage County. He led this group for ten years. He was also a charter member of the Italian Genealogy Society of America."

"Tony was a genealogy correspondent for FRA NOI, Chicagoland's Italian American Voice, writing a monthly column since August 1993 entitled "le nostre origini", "our roots." In addition, his columns appeared in the Italian-American newspapers in St. Louis and New Orleans. He also wrote feature articles regularly for the POINTers quarterly magazine, America's only Italian genealogy journal and the "Family Tree", a genealogy newspaper with a national circulation of 50,000 in Georgia.

Tony co-directed the Chicago area's first Italian Genealogy Conference at the Italian Cultural Center in May, 1995. He made numerous public speaking engagements before a variety of Italian organizations in the Chicago area. In 1996, 1997 and 2000 appearances were made at the Naperville Family History Center annual genealogy seminar. He also made genealogical presentations before the Tinley Moraine Genealogical Society and the Carillon Computer Club in Plainfield."

"In 1994, he became interested in the cause to save Our Lady of Pompeii Italian Church, Chicago's only continuously operating Italian Church, now an Archdiocesan Shrine, and contributed time to the project. Tony has taught an Italian Genealogy course at the Pompeii Shrine and at the Italian Cultural Center in Stone Park."

"Tony wrote his family's history accompanied by a family pedigree and distributed it to the members of his extended family."

"Leader ... Teacher ... Speaker ... Journalist ... all of the preceding has earned Tony the title, Chicagoland's Father of Italian Genealogy.'"

"Tony had not only specialized in the field of Italian genealogy, but worked extensively with Polish genealogy in conjunction with his wife's heritage. He guided her in the writing and distribution of her family history, made two genealogical treks to Poland, attended several Polish genealogy conferences, and was a member of the Polish Genealogical Society of America."

"One of the most significant events in Tony's life occurred in April of 1997, when at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, he was honored for his achievements by his investiture into Italy's Knights of St. George, conferred by His Royal Highness, Prince Carlo, Grand Prefect and Chancellor of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George of the Royal House of Bourbon, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. This is not a fraternal organization or an honorary award but a true royal knighthood of chivalry. He was promoted in the order from a knight of merit to a knight of merit with star in 2000. "

"It was Tony's purpose to encourage interest in genealogy among Italian-Americans and instill a resurgence in the ethnic pride of the Italian people by discovering their family history, their roots, their heritage. Tony was proud to be Italian and was pleased to share his knowledge and experience in the field of genealogy."


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