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Italians in America
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"When they got to America, they learned three things:
- that the streets were not paved with gold;

- that the streets were not paved at all;
- and that they were expected to pave them."

Italian - American
Embassy of Italy in Washington, D.C.
Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli
The data banks on Italian emigrants to the United States, Argentina and Brazil.
Frizzi & Lazzi 
The Olde Time Italian-American Music & Theatre Company
Italian-American Style
Questions and answers for Italians (and those who wish they were) on the significant contributions Italians and Italian-Americans have made to the world.

Institute of Italian Culture in NY  
Italian American Cultural Organization Honoring Families
Who Emigrated to America from Southern Italy and Sicily
Italian America
Italian American History: A Timeline  
The Italian American Home Page
Italian-American Pioneers of the Imperial Valley
The Italian - American Web Ring
Register your Italian-American website here.
Italian-American Writers 
The Italian-American Web Site
of New York
The Italian Historical Society of America  
The Italian Immigrant Experience in America (1870-1920)   
Life Stories of Italian American Women
The Risks and Struggles of Italian Immigration
By James Martino
Welcome to Little Italy
( New York )

Italians Viewed as Enemy Aliens
Italians Seek Apology for WWII Uprooting
Fort Missoula History,
Missoula, Montana.
Political Initiatives -
1942: Victims of Fear
A Secret History
A Secret History: The harassment of Italians during World War II has particular relevance today and serves as a warning of what could happen.
Una Storia Segreta:
When Italian-Americans Were 'Enemy Aliens'
U.S. Department of Justice  
Civil Rights Division. Wartime Violation of Italian American Civil Liberties Act.
The Village Voice: Feature:
When Being Italian
was a Crime.

Societies, Clubs & Organizations
American Association
Teachers of Italian
The Augustus Society
The Center for Italian Studies
il Circolo Filippo Mazzei
Federation of American Women's
Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) 
Florence, Genoa, Torino, Palermo, Rome, Naples, Milan, Vercelli and Bari.

FIERI (meaning "proud" in Italian) is a non-profit organization of young Italians, Italian-Americans, and Italophiles ages 18-39 who promote the study of Italian and Italian American history, higher education, professional networking, and the positive portrayal of Italian-American images.

FIERI-Long Island 
FIERI-North Jersey
FIERI-Southern California 
FIERI-Staten Island  
FIERI-Washington D.C. 

Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli
The data banks on Italian emigrants to the United States, Argentina and Brazil.
Fratellanza Society


The Fratellanza is the oldest Italian American organization in the United States. The Fratellanza Society was organized on November 11, 1866 and was incorporated on December 6, 1866 as a fraternal and benevolent society under the Societá Unione e Fratellanza Italiana (Italian Fraternal Union). Click here to see a photo of the house where the first Fratellanza Society meetings were held.

The Primary objective was and continues to be, to create an organization that will promote unity between Italians and their adopted country. A unity which meant the fusing of all Italian-Americans into one compact body devoted to the interest of patriotism, charity, and brotherly love.

A business meeting is conducted on the first Wednesday of each month. We conduct annual events such as the annual banquet, and the member picnic. We also have many other special events (Cardinal baseball outings etc.) chaired by ambitious members. The group also participates in Italian community events ranging from local festivals to the Columbus Day parade.

The initial and current purpose of the Fratellanza is the promotion of the general welfare of all members in the tradition of the Italian American community. Any male, eighteen years or older, may apply for membership. The Fratellanza strives to keep alive the Italian roots and heritage of the founders, however membership is open to all, regardless of ethnic background.

Italian-American Lawyers Association
The Italian Cultural Society of
Washington D.C.
Instituto Italiano di Cultura - New York
Italian Genealogical Society of America 
Members' benefits, contact information, chat room, and other assistance for Americans tracing their Italian roots.
Italian Heritage Society of Indiana
Italian Historical  Society of America
Italian Sons and Daughters of America 
Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans
National Italian American Foundation ( NIAF )
National Organization of Italian - American Women
One Stop Italian America-

Order Sons of Italy
OSIA, through its 750 community-based chapters, 21 state chapters, two subsidiary organizations--the Sons of Italy Foundation and the Commission for Social Justice--and its National Office in Washington, D.C., works to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Americans of Italian descent. Its objectives, as conceived by its founders, are to enroll all men and women of Italian heritage under one banner in order to preserve and disseminate the rich cultural heritage of Italy; and to promote and advance their progress everywhere within the framework of American society.
Order Sons of Italy - DOVER
Welcome to the Order of Sons of Italy, Caesar Rodney Lodge in Dover, Delaware USA!  We are part of the National OSIA organization.
Societŕ Italiana Di Mutua Beneficenza Cefalutana   
A Benevolent Society Organized By Immigrants and Their Descendants From Cefalů, Sicily. Their web site contains the following information on: Brief History, Historical Information, Mausoleum Burial Records, How to Join, the Membership Roster, and Serio Family Genealogy.

Italian - American Festivals & Events
The Feast of San Gennaro in New York City's Little Italy
The oldest, largest and liveliest festa, the Feast of San Gennaro attracts more than 3 million people over 11 days in September.
Festa Italiana -
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Festa Italiana -
Seattle, Washington  
Festivals in the U.S. and Italy.
La Festa di San Nicola - New York
Herrin Festa Italiana -
Herrin, Illinois
Instituto Italiano di Cultura - New York
Italian-American events in New York
Little Italy Festival, Clinton, Indiana
NonStop New York's Italianissimo:La Festa di San Guiseppe NYC Stlye  
NonStop New York Salutes: La Festa di San Gennaro 
Welcome to Little Italy (New York)

Italian - American Communities
Boston NorthEnd  
The Bronx
Ferragosto di Belmont, Merchant List,Enrico Fermi, Belmont News & Photos, Mt. Carmel Church, Italofile(Online Store), Recipe of the Week, Local Restaurants, Belmont Arthur LDC, Arthur Avenue Market, Travel Tips & Information, Celebrity Spotlight, Italian Serenade, Message Board, and Belmont Playhouse. 
Chicago Heights, Illinois 
Interesting article of how jobs attracted Italians to Chicago Heights, Illinois by Dominic Candeloro.
Chicago Heights 1890-1975  
By Dominic Candeloro.
Chicago's Italian Genealogy Information Station  
Evansville, Indiana 
Details on the Italians that came the town of Evansville, Indiana
in the period 1863-1918. About 50% of these Italians came from Molise and about 30 % came from Sicily, primarily Termini Immerese.
The Italians of New York
Five centuries of struggle and achievement.
Italy at St. Louis
San Diego Italian American Community Page
Seattle, Washington 
Southern California People
Italians in Los Angeles
Welcome to Little Italy (New York)
Ybor City, Tampa, Florida 

Italian - American Newspapers & Periodicals
Fra Noi  
Chicagoland's Italian American Voice
L'Idea is published in Italian in NYC [Brooklyn]. Created in 1974 by a young group of volunteers from the "Molese Cultural Club," this periodical was born and its content evolved. Over time, L'Idea has changed from a bi-monthly to a quarterly but its focus has remained constant: news that pertains to the Molese community in the USA. Throughout its ups and downs, L'Idea has adapted itself to the changing needs of its readers.
   For instance, this is why L'Idea evolved from a broadside to a magazine with a reduced format [8.5" X 11"] but with many more pages, always aiming to cover the activities of the Italian and Pugliese community around the globe, a group that's always followed the developments of this publication.
   Then and now, L'Idea exists to serve the Pugliese community in the USA. If you'd like to receive L'Idea, free of charge, send your request with your address to: Leonardo Campanile, publisher, or phone:(718) 339-2224.
The Italian Tribune
The premier Italian American weekly newspaper since 1931.

Italian - American Magazines
Italian American Magazine  
Produced by Order Sons of Italy. OSIA's National Office keeps members, supporters, and media representatives informed about organizational news and events, issues, persons, and institutions in the Italian-American community and Italy through a comprehensive communications program of prints and electronic media. Subject matter: Book Reviews, Current Events, Italian Cuisine, and Travel.

How the Other Half Lives
Studies among the tenements of New York.
Lower East Side Tenement Museum in NYC
One of the four recreated apartments featured at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in NYC is that of the Sicilian American Baldizzi family who lived in our tenement building in the 1930s.

Emigrants from Philadelphia, PA
A list of 1300 names from Philadelphia, PA who returned to Italy. Emigrants: From Sep 1918-Jan 1919: Philadelphia, PA Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Herbert Hart.
This archive is located on the following site:

Italians to America Series

Italians to America
Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports, 1880-1899
Edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby

Volume 1 Jan. 1880-Dec. 1884 ISBN 0-8420-2451-4
Volume 2 Jan. 1885-June 1887 ISBN 0-8420-2452-2
Volume 3 July 1887-June 1889 ISBN 0-8420-2453-0
Volume 4 July 1889-Oct. 1890 ISBN 0-8420-2454-9
Volume 5 Nov.1890-Dec. 1891 ISBN 0-8420-2455-7
Volume 6 Jan. 1892-Dec. 1892 ISBN 0-8420-2456-5
Volume 7 Jan. 1893-Sept. 1893   ISBN 0-8420-2457-3
Volume 8 Oct. 1893-May 1895 ISBN 0-8420-2458-1
Volume 9 June 1895-June 1896 ISBN 0-8420-2459-X
Volume 10 July 1896-June 1897 ISBN 0-8420-2460-3
Volume 11 June 1897-May1898 ISBN 0-8420-2461-1
Volume 12 May1898-April 1899 ISBN 0-8420-2462-X

The Italian Notables
Christopher Columbus
Filippo Mazzei
-Godfather of the
Declaration of Independence
By Louis and Vicki Alfano
Giuseppe Garibaldi
The Anthony P. Campanella Collection of Giuseppe Garibaldi
The Italian American
Web Site of New York

Famous Italians
Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo)
Columbus’s Crew List
Columbus Everything
Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot)
Joe DiMaggio (Baseball)
Vince Lombardi (Football)
Rocky Marciano (Boxing)
Nicolo Machiavelli (Politics-Government 1500's)
"The Prince" by Nicolo Machiavelli
Rudolph W. Giuliani (Politics-NYC Mayor)
Geraldine Ferraro (Politics-ran for VP of U.S.A.)
Mario Cuomo (Politics-Governer of NY)
William Paca (Politics-Governor of Maryland)
(Two of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Italian
   descent: Maryland'sWilliam Paca and Delaware's Caesar Rodney).

Giuseppe Garibaldi (Politics-Revolutionary)
Filippo Mazzei (Politics-Declaration of Independence)
Francis Ford Coppola (film)
Martin Scorsese (film)
Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci (science-mathematics)
Galileo Galilei (Science-mathematics, physics and astronomy)
Alessandra Giuseppi Antonio Anastasio Volta (science-Electrochemistry)
Umberto Nobile (Science-Aeronautical engineer and pioneer)
Guglielmo Marconi (Science-Inventor/pioneer- electromagnetic waves)
Antonio Meucci (Family Link) Science-Invented the Telephone

* Information and wording as per site.

Personal Home Pages ( Italian )
The Alfano Homepage 
Casa Baci
The Balbi Family  
Spence "Sacco" Burton's
Home Page 
Kathy Caprio Genealogy   
Joe Caropepe’s
Home Page 
Family Web Page
Cimorelli Enterprises